State’s best fish ‘n’ chips in Terrigal

Mrs Kelley, of Picketts Valley, and her husband Ben are the proud owners of Terrigal Beach Fish and Chip Co, which has finished first in NSW/ACT at the end of the public vote in the Australian Fish and Chip Awards 2017.

State’s best fish ‘n’ chips in Terrigal

For Mrs Kelley, the secret to success is simple.

“It’s consistency in a very inconsistent world,” she said.

“I think people are becoming more educated about what they’re eating.

“We make everything from scratch and everything by hand — even our tartare sauce and salad dressing — and I think you can taste the difference.”

Mrs Kelley started working with fish and chips when she took on an after school job at the age of 14 at the award-winning Windsor Seafoods.

She remained there for 19 years before moving to the Central Coast with her husband and creating Avoca Beach Seafoods after the birth of their daughter Laura, now six.

A seafood platter from award-winning Terrigal Beach Fish & Chip Co.

They bought their Terrigal Esplanade shop three years ago but struggled for work-life balance and sold Avoca Beach Seafoods to friends.

Incredibly, Avoca Beach Seafoods also finished in the top five in NSW/ACT this year.

Among the star attractions at Terrigal Beach Fish and Chip Co is the salt and pepper squid and the extensive gluten-free offerings.

“My husband worked really hard on our gluten-free batter and people are so thankful,” Mrs Kelley said.

While the public voting has closed, Sydney Fish Market will judge from the top five shops, with the winner to be announced at the state awards on July 20.

Mrs Kelley was full of praise for their “brilliant” staff and said she already feels like a winner.

“I feel like we’ve won as we’ve had people take the time to vote for us and our customers are happy,” she said.

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