The Asian Film Foundation, Mumbai: An Organisation to promoting Asian cinema using multi-pronged approach of cultural activities.
Awards 17th Third Eye Asian Film Festival 2018
Competition Result 2018
Jury Report
We give First Best Short Film Award to
'Meenalap' (Bangladesh)
Dir Ms. Suborna Senjutee Tushee.
(Bangladesh / Colour / 28 Min / 2018)
Citation :- For elevating an ordinary story of migration with original and Poetic ideas and treatment and a compelling woman vision of the world and unforgettable imagery.
We give Second Best Short Film Award to
'Pamphlet' (Marathi)
Dir Mr. Shekhar Rankhambe
(Marathi / Colour / 30 Min / 2018)
Citation :- For its social commentary on common superstitions in different media and capturing the turmoil of a gullible boy.
We give Third Best Short Film Award to
'The Stitch' (Kashmiri)
Dir Ms. Asiya Zahoor
(Urdu / Colour / 7 Min / 2018)
Citation :- For a subtle yet hopeful commentary on the turmoil in Kashmir, shown through the eyes of a young girl.
comprised the Short Film Fiction Jury.
Premendra Mazmder (Kolkata)
Meenakshi Shedde (Mumbai)
Rekha Deshpande (Mumbai)